Blog Posts I’ve Been Meaning to Write

I have a sticky note on my desktop where I keep blog posts I’ve been meaning to write. Since I’m not sure I’ll get to them anytime soon, I’ll just post the list.

  1. CityPlan: Outdated but not outgrown (critiquing the critiques of Vancouver’s ongoing 4 community plans, which claim that Vancouver’s ongoing Community Plans are ignoring the existing community visions, known as CityPlan)
  2. UBC vs. Surrey transit not about need, but priority
  3. Justifying the Stong rezoning: Why Dunbar needs a boost
  4. The rise of the parklet and what it means for bottom-up planning
  5. The Compass Beta Test: Observations of Vancouver’s new transit card
  6. Is Translink’s TDM strategy in need of an update?
  7. Subsidizing modes, not roads: Are 10-lane bridges necessary for the regional economy?
  8. A critical analysis of major developments in British Columbia
  9. Vancouver’s Greenest City Conversations to shape City’s future public engagement (summary of an event next week)
  10. Cycling and the link between transportation and health: What is the right message?
  11. Why Vancouver’s bikeshare won’t work (or maybe it will)
  12. Vancouver’s latest transit campaign and lessons from – of all places – Toronto
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One thought on “Blog Posts I’ve Been Meaning to Write

  1. jeffdror says:

    If we are voting on which one we want to read next, I’m going for number 7.

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