Anti-Dooring Campaigns Sorely Needed

I know quite a few cycling advocates, follow more on social media, and find that one of the most common issues they (myself included) bring up is ‘dooring’ – getting hit by a car door while riding your bike. I’m a regular cyclist, yet I’ve been lucky to so far avoid being ‘doored’. Although, the law often requires drivers to check for bicyclists before opening their doors, dooring has been the cause of many serious accidents. (Examples: 1, 2, 3)

From my experience, however, very few non-cyclists seem to know that this is even an issue. Cyclist advocates call for fines. I call for more education. Some municipalities have created ad campaigns that I think would be much more effective than simply slapping more fines on something that is so difficult to enforce. Click on each image for more examples.


Denmark: “Catch the cyclist with your eyes – not with your door”


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